We are pioneers in developing featured, secure, scalable, and high performing Hybrid Applications

Hybrid applications are the perfect amalgamation of the best both the worlds has in store, web and native applications. Going hybrid reduces the overall cost of development, provides easy access to device data as well as works offline. It also scales to a variety of platforms and operating system. To develop hybrid applications, we combine the power of Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 along with latest frameworks such as PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Sencha and many others. Our expertise in mobile application development is endowed by our technically savvy and experienced development team.

The Methodology We Adopt

Our agile team of hybrid application development adopts methodology blended with diverse features and technologies, thus making us the masters of Hybrid Applications:

Hybrid Application Design – On the basis of the user requirements and target audience, we design prototypes and wireframes. To come up with visually appealing user centric designs that are highly engaging and initiate downloads, we come in contact with lot of users similar to the target audience.

Hybrid Application Development – Once the designs are finalized, we give them the life with a rapid application using single code base deployable across all platforms. Using a blend of technologies and frameworks, we make sure that applications work seamlessly on a variety of platforms and systems including Android and iOS.

Hybrid Application Testing – All our developed hybrid applications undergo immense testing and we also conduct timely code reviews, create performance testing plans, and debug issues. Thereafter, we check the performance of your applications and tune them for optimal results. Our QA team is equipped with various devices and tools to save both cost and time.

Hybrid Application Maintenance – To ensure optimized performance during peak load times, we keep a check over your applications. The effective monitoring reduces the application downtime and maximizes the availability for the end users. Our maintenance model helps us to focus on your core business objectives without regular management of the application.

Why Choose AppsDiary for Hybrid App Development

Seamless Integration – Our team of developers remains up-to-date with the latest trends and uses the specific codes to keep them in sync with various other mobile applications. This ensures that your app with run smooth on distinct devices to provide better user experience.

Fast Speed – Renowned as a popular mobile application development service provider, AppsDiary has served over 100 clients across the globe with their ultimate services and completed over 150+ projects successfully. Hybrid apps are exceptionally fast & do not require network communication to be executed.

Offline Usage – Our apps can also be used by those who have poor internet connectivity. Using the device’s API, these mobile applications can store some data for offline usage. Moreover, we assure all our clients optimal quality with the cost effectiveness.

User Experience – With our hybrid application development service, you can actually have the app that looks perfect on every device. For any kind of update required, a single update fixes the application on different platforms, improving the user experience.

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